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FIDO Arts and Practices, helping you make business magic

Like an outstanding magician, a well run business makes it looks easy.  But behind the scenes it takes practice, an understanding of what your clientele wants, and the ability to meet their expectations and to provide them a little more, a little magic that surprises them and makes them a fan for life.  That is how we help you build your business - we help you master your art, meet expectations and give your clients that extra, that little unexpected measure of magic. 

FIDO Arts and Practices

FIDO Arts and Practices provides our clients top level assistance and guidance in the areas of Strategic Management, Business Intelligence, Marketing Strategy, and Leadership. We are also now offering a new service, FIDOgroupe China, through which we help your business, whether based in China or on the other side of the Pacific, grow and profit in trans-Pacifc commerce. We treat our clients as friends, regardless of their location, and are always available for follow on work, advice and guidance. Once a member of the FIDO family, you are always family.

The FIDO family of companies is Veteran owned and values the service, sacrifice, knowledge and energy of those who have served the United States.

FIDO Arts and Practices, Strategic Management Practice

Strategic Management is, along with Business Intelligence, are the most important practices in our business.  Your strategic plans, supported and fed by your intelligence, inform all of your other business decisions and actions.  You need to know how your business environment impacts your business and plan for all known and unknown eventrualities: business actions and trends, nation state actions, NGO actions and so on.  We help you establish plans to deal with these eventualities and continue to operate your successful business.  To build a clear path to your success, contact us and ask how we can help you plan your strategy.

FIDO Arts and Practices, Business Intelligence

Your decision making process, your business strategy, marketing strategy and service/product development are all dependent on what you know about your competition, the actions of local, national and international governmental and non-governmental players, and what is happening on the international stage that may change your plans or how you implement them.  To fully understand how these issues can affect your business and your plans, you must be actively scanning the horizon to determine what may be happening and how you will react to those actions.  Our Market and Competitive Intelligence Practice is designed to help you identify possible threats to your business, evaluate them, and devlop a forward looking strategy to deal with those threats if they occur.  To understand the threats and opportunities facing your business and to begin developing your strategy, contact us now.

FIDO Arts and Practices, Marketing Strategy

Marketing is the new magic for businesses - outbound marketing is dead, and inbound marketing, lead by social media, is how businesses reach customers.  Every social media site is not the same, and your business needs to know and understand how to identify your customers, how to build a client persona for each group, determine what motivates them and how to reach them.  If you are experiencing issues reaching and connecting withyour client base, you must rethink your marketing strategy.  FIDO Arts and Practices teaches you how to develop your plan, implement that plan and connect with your customers.   Contact us to learn how we can help you build a strong, solid marketing strategy.

FIDO Arts and Practices, China Practice

China is the new gateway for business growth.  Your business must examine trans-Pacific commerce and evaluate how selling in China can help your profitability.  Despite recent setbacks, China remains an economic powerhouse and you must consider how Asian markets can affect your business, either in terms of competition, sales or market development.  No business, small or large, can afford to overlook the influences of China and the Western Pacific on thier survival and profitablitly.  Contact us to find out how we can help you develop trans-Pacific/China trade.

FIDO Arts and Practices, Leadership Practiceq

Leadership is the most important attribute a business manager or executive must exhibit.  Not all leaders are managers, and managers are not usually leaders.  Learn how your executives can develop leadership traits and guide your company to success and profitablitly.  We will also teach you to understand the differences between leadership and management, how to implement a true leadership culture in your business and how to identify those at all levels who are truly leaders.  Contact us to set up a leadership seminar or schedule an onsite visit. 

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